Interesting facts and benefits of Location Awareness System Services.

Location-aware systems comprise device(s) that can actively or passively determine their relative positioning in a network. These coordinates are then used to filter and show content based on user location or send user location to other location-aware or social networking apps. Several and various navigational and sensor tools are used to determine the location. Location awareness technologies are used in everyday use and to meet the ever-increasing demands of businesses.

There are different types of location-based services such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Digital Fingerprinting, RFID(Radio-frequency identification technology), and UWB(Ultra WideBand). Location awareness systems help to track, analyze and understand the movements of specific individuals and also assets. All these location-based tools add more value to businesses of all sizes.

Some Interesting facts about Location Awareness System

  • GPS is an example of global location-aware systems. Similarly, others can be an autonomous Location-aware system with a network, individual devices, and network facilitators such as Ultrasonic Indoor positioning systems, LoRa, etc.
  • GPS system provides long data, details of local amenities, weather, and nearby transport options.
  • The metadata is automatically obtained along with the coordinates, which automate data entry and saves time.
  • The global location can be determined with a Cellular network, Wireless communication, GPS, or a combination of these.
  • It enables sharing of real-time position mapping between peer-to-peer devices and between the peer device and the server.
  • As we move towards Saas platforms, location-aware systems can give information such as the availability of cubicles in a workspace, seats at a restaurant, etc.
  • Geo-tagged media can be connected by location-aware systems to the users/students, especially in geology field studies.
  • Location-Aware Systems enable safety monitoring by allowing users to raise alerts and can suggest facility improvements based on the information.
  • In education and games, a layer of augmented reality can be laid on top of the GPS map to deliver directed experiences. For e.g., the Pokemon Go game app, an app that shows the same physical place in a historical period.
  • In this new era where user involvement is the name of the game, we can mobilize citizen environmentalism to gather environmental data specific to the location. This also extends to other fields where large-scale data acquisition is needed with cheaper and easier logistics.
  • With the current trends, it might not be surprising if positioning data becomes mandatory, similar to date stamps.
  • A combination of GPS and RFID can be used for asset tracking, which combines low power global position and local position, respectively.
  • Location-Aware Systems can also be used as a disaster management and mitigation tool in campuses, industrial layouts, and natural disasters occurring in a region.
  • Some examples of location-aware applications are Uber, Swiggy, Weather, Google Maps, Social Media Apps, etc.
  • Concerns regarding the availability of location data mainly center around Privacy and Security.

Benefits of opting Location Awareness System

  • Location awareness systems help your business to be more advanced, efficient, and user-friendly.
  • Enterprises can create a safer workplace by using Location Awareness systems
  • Innovative accessibility options for the visually impaired can be provided
  • It helps to engage the customers of the enterprises, which will enable them in delivering location-specific series
  • Location Awareness Systems are used in diverse industries such as retail, education, hospitality, healthcare, security, to just name a few.
  • Online booking by utilizing geographical data helps in understanding the expected times of travel
  • It also helps to implement marketing campaigns that are target location-based

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