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Insular Bag PCB

Avench Systems offered a solution which involved developing a design capable of meeting our client requirements.

High Value Asset Tracker

Avench designed and developed a tracking device as per client expectations which can be mounted on their high-value

Amber FPGA Board

The Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA introduces significant enhancements in the low-power FPGA arena, with industry leading

Industrial Linescan Camera Module

The linescan sensor module consist of high speed linear image sensor (Monochromatic), ADC, Noise filter and Amplifiers.

Stealth Wildlife Camera

The Wildlife Conservation Society (www.wcs.org) saves wildlife and wild places worldwide. It does so through science


Avench designed an optimized digital payment solution using a smartphone application, activation of a washing machine

Water Quality Measurement

Avench designed a stand-alone Bluetooth enabled prototype device and a compatible android application which

LoRa Sensor & Gateway

Avench developed a LoRa based sensor and gateway device that could receive information from the sensor, store it in the memory

Home UPS

Avench’s Home UPS solution is a miniature IOT module based on an efficient microcontroller and WiFi module to connect


Zifilink solves the lack of bandwidth aggregation faced by various industries in daily life.

Pipeline Investigation Gauge

Avench’s Pipeline Investigation gauges(PIG) are devices that are inserted into pipelines and travel throughout the length

Blood Composition Analyzer

General Description Avench’s non-intrusive blood composition analyzer provides a dynamic method for …

Precision Temperature Monitoring System

General Description Avench’s Precision Temperature monitoring system uses BLE module in combination …

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