Engineers has built embedded hardware solutions for different industries including oil & gas, industrial electronics, healthcare and consumer electronics.

Our list of past projects includes hardware designs for

  • Test and Measurement equipments
  • FPGA based data Acquisition Systems
  • IOT gateway systems with LoRa, BLE, Wi-Fi, Cellular interfaces
  • IOT sensor modules
  • Remote monitoring and control for maintenance systems
  • Motor control systems
  • Beverage Dispensing and Refrigeration control
  • Line-scan cameras and grain sorting
  • Imaging devices
  • Non-Destructive Testing

Our Highlights

  • Strong expertise in embedded hardware development for Industrial & IoT products
  • Experience in Design and development of High-speed Digital and Mixed Signal PCBs
  • Expertise in complex hardware development
Embedded systems for industrial automation | avench systems

Avench design services

  • Schematic capture, PCB Layout
  • Signal Integrity & Thermal Analysis
  • DFM, DFT, Design for EMI/EMC compliance
  • Board Bringup, Electrical testing
  • End of Line Automated Test Jig Design
  • EMI/EMC Certification

Electronic Hardware Design

  • MCU, MPU & FPGA based designs
  • High speed digital, mixed signal & RF design
  • PCIe, USB3, Ethernet, DDR4, LVDS, MIPI
  • GSPS ADCs & DAC, PLLs, Antenna
  • LiNiMnCO2, LiFePO4, Li SOCL2 BMS
Application of Embedded Systems Development | avench
Embedded Systems Design | avench systems pvt ltd

PCB Design

  • Multilayer, HDI, Flex, Flex Rigid PCBs
  • IPC 7351B PCB library Standard
  • Mechanical & Enclosure design

FPGA Development

  • FPGA & SOC FPGA based design
  • VHDL & Verilog RTL designs
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Case Studies

Insular Bag PCB

Avench Systems offered a solution which involved developing a design capable of meeting our client requirements.

High Value Asset Tracker

Avench designed and developed a tracking device as per client expectations which can be mounted on their high-value

Amber FPGA Board

The Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA introduces significant enhancements in the low-power FPGA arena, with industry leading

Embedded Software Development