Offshore Development (ODC) Model
offshore development model

The Offshore Development Center model is an engagement model where a dedicated team of developers is assembled to work on a client’s project from a remote location. In this model, Avench takes charge of the development process with the help of a dedicated team, which includes team members, project managers, equipment, and infrastructure.

Offshore Development Center Model Key Differentiators:

  • Focused on resource(s)
  • Niche skills
  • Client owns the project 
  • Avench owns the resource(s)
  • Min contract period is 3 month
  • Notice period: 10 days
offshore development model

Benefits of the Offshore Development Center Model:


Significant cost-savings compared to in-house development due to lower labor costs for skilled talent in certain locations.


ODC model allows businesses to easily scale their development team up or down as project needs evolve.

Access to a wider talent pool

Access to a wider pool of skilled developers, expanding their ability to find the specific expertise needed for their projects.

Improved time-to-market

With a dedicated team working around the clock, the offshore development center

can potentially accelerate the development process and expedite product launches.

Increased flexibility and control

Clients maintain control over the project direction and have greater flexibility in managing the development process compared to traditional outsourcing models.

Key Features of Avench’s Offshore Development Center Model (ODC):

Avench manages the ODC staff: 

We handle the entire recruitment, management, and oversight of your ODC team, allowing you to dedicate your resources to core business activities.

Client drives product requirements: 

The client, you, have control over the functionalities and features of the product being developed, ensuring the end result aligns with your vision and requirements. This direct oversight allows for a customized development process tailored to your specific needs.


It is normal for project requirements to evolve over time. The model is designed to accommodate these adjustments and changes in the project scope, offering clients the flexibility to pivot as necessary.

Avench implements the client’s quality/process frameworks: 

Avench’s development team strictly follows the quality and process standards set by the client, ensuring consistency with the client’s operational protocols. This ensures that the final product meets the client’s expectations in terms of quality and methodology.

Suitable for: 

This model is recommended for projects where the client has a clear understanding of the required skills and expertise needed for the project. The ODC model can also be a valuable option for businesses seeking to:

  • Reduce software development costs.
  • Access specialized skills and talent.
  • Increase development speed and project agility.
  • Maintain control over the development process.

Minimum Commitment

Our 3-month minimum contract period provides a flexible engagement structure, while a 10-day notice period ensures smooth transitions if needed.

If you’re looking for a scalable and cost-effective way to achieve your embedded systems development goals, the ODC model may be worth exploring further.

Key Features

  • Detailed on-boarding process for setup activity
  • Shared responsibility of resource and schedule
  • Minimum contract period is of 3 months
  • Notice period is of 15 days

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Offshore Development Model