End user applications are typically designed to solve a specific problem by using some simple, interesting and interactive logical steps. Developers at Avench study the use cases and end user behavior thoroughly before the commencement of the project to create a reliable, stable and user-friendly application. Our team will help you develop, customize and migrate application programs that suit your business needs. This will include services like java, python, C#, .NET, QT, Linux application development etc. 

  • Java and Python application development
  • C# application development
  • .NET application development
  • QT and Linux application development

Key Features

Developers: 8+

Experience in years: 10+

End user application development projects: 14+

Domains/Industries: 2+

Case Studies

Insular Bag PCB

Avench Systems offered a solution which involved developing a design capable of meeting our client requirements.

High Value Asset Tracker

Avench designed and developed a tracking device as per client expectations which can be mounted on their high-value

Amber FPGA Board

The Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA introduces significant enhancements in the low-power FPGA arena, with industry leading

End User Application

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