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General Description

Avench’s non-intrusive blood composition analyzer provides a dynamic method for spot-checking of blood composition levels with good accuracy enabling quick estimation of blood composition levels.

The solution involved a complete embedded hardware design with software support to build a non-intrusive blood analyzer.

Key Features:

  • The solution used an ARM processor in combination with a Pulse oximeter AFE driver module, Micro B USB 2.0 port and Linux driver module integrated with Linux operating system.
  • The device was completely powered using a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which made the battery life significantly longer.
  • The offered solution has featured Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.


Faster Market entry: Reducing the development time for the product to enter the market faster.

Meeting medical standards: Building the device that complies with various medical standards and certifications.

Maintaining High Precision: Developing a non-intrusive blood monitoring system that maintains high precision.

Usage Area: Finding multiple possibilities of use for this device.


Non-intrusive blood composition analyzer used for spot-checking of blood composition levels in the medical industry.

Blood Composition Analyzer

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