All You Need to Know About Offshore Development Center (ODC)

What is an Offshore Development Center?

An Offshore Development Center (ODC) offers world-class prototyping, development, manufacturing, test, verification and R&D solutions in a highly cost-effective format with clients staying in full control. The ODC includes a dedicated offshore team that works on major functions and helps to maintain external outsourcing coordination with the internal team. The ODC consists of a workspace that includes an R & D facility, prototyping labs, manufacturing units and technical experts with the required skill sets. In simple terms, it is all about the extension of your company.

As per this model, based on customer expectations, the team is managed by a project leader at the offshore location. The customer pays as per the agreement terms with the company for the offshore development center. Generally, the agreement is based on either set of projects or one large project which can be operated from offshore. Offshore Development Center (ODC) has a review cycle annually which does an analysis of the overall rate assessment, investment and budgeting. It also conducts quality assessment and performance evaluation for overall quality of the program. Not only does ODC benefit the client with the best level of RoI, but it also delivers projects on time. By being cost effective, the customer can get more visibility with this ODC model. ODC focuses on a flexible structure when it comes to methodologies, work and approaches.

Let us understand some of the main ODC Characteristics

  • In ODC, a dedicated team is assigned in a specific facility or location
  • The infrastructure is exclusively designed for this specific purpose
  • The security policy is designed according to the requirements and regulations
  • Education and training programs are conducted along with separate HR programs from time to time
  • As per companies’ budget and requirements, team flexibility is monitored
  • Learning curves can be made shorter for a swift approach in marketing
  • The experience and expertise for team integration and learning helps to improve the overall quality
  • The employee flexibility feature helps for swift adjustments and keeps production moving
  • The transfer of knowledge is effectively managed and executed
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Though there are some ODC team management challenges such as security risks, cultural differences, communication and management, time zones and scalability, there are also many benefits:

  • Expanding the market to a foreign country
  • Cost reduction
  • Cheaper facilities
  • Large team with multiple skill set
  • Product Localization
  • Easy access to the talent pool
  • Opportunity to devote more time to the business

Now by defining your business needs and goals, choosing the appropriate location and finding a reliable partner you can set up an Offshore Development Center successfully. Avench’s Offshore Development (ODC) Model Key Features include:

  • Shared responsibility of resource and schedule
  • Detailed on-boarding process for setup activity
  • Minimum contract period of 3 months
  • Notice period of 15 days

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