How Embedded Systems Are Transforming the Various Industries

An embedded system is an integrated system which has software embedded into hardware or firmware for performing specific tasks. It includes microprocessors which are one or more to execute a set of programs that are defined at the time of designing and stored in the memory. It is an electronic system which can be programmed as per our needs and requirements. Broadly embedded systems consist of hardware, software, and development platforms. With no human intervention, embedded systems are built to function, in the most efficient way. Right from the inception, embedded systems have come a long way by making our lives comfortable, accessible, and connected.

Globally embedded systems market has evolved to a greater extent in terms of usage, in the last few years. With IoT and Industrial IoT (IIoT), embedded systems technology has contributed much to the expanding world of connected and smart IoT ecosystems. Many industries, products, and services rely on embedded systems and the industrial market for embedded systems consists of aerospace, communications, military systems, automotive, and consumer electronics to just name a few. The software elements of the embedded systems include real-time operating systems(RTOS), testing, development platforms, etc. The hardware components include firmware, printed circuit boards, etc.

Let us understand how embedded systems impact various industries.

Embedded systems in the Automotive Industry.

Embedded systems are widely used in automotive applications and constitute the biggest part of this industry. Safety, maintenance, driver awareness, security, audio systems, pollution control, energy efficiency, and for all system control of the vehicle, embedded systems are used. Apart from these embedded systems are used in the anti-lock braking system, navigation systems, adaptive cruise control which is popularly known as driverless cars, automatic parking system, and airbag control system. The present and modern embedded systems have revolutionized the way automobiles are designed and manufactured and are very well known for flexibility and adaptability.

Embedded systems in the Healthcare Industry.

Undoubtedly, embedded systems contribute enormously to the healthcare industry.

Embedded systems are used in X-ray, pulse oximeters, EEG, ECG, CT, electronic defibrillators, gluco watches, scanning machines, PET scanners, imaging systems diagnostic equipment, etc.

Furthermore, a portable embedded system helps to monitor the heart rate and identify a blockage in an artery. Embedded technologies are also used for complicated and intricate surgeries and this is possible due to the increase in the functionality and intelligence in the embedded system. Embedded systems are used to treat patients with robotic arms and remote surgery technologies. Modern embedded systems are contributing immensely to improve the quality of the life for those seeking healthcare at home.

Embedded systems in the Consumer Electronics Industry – Embedded systems are widely used in various types of consumer electronic products which we use daily. For example computer systems with their parts such as keyboard, mouse, etc, televisions, digital cameras, fax machines, music players, video game consoles, digital watch, dishwashers, home appliances, printers, home security systems, etc. Some of the embedded systems in consumer electronics collect inputs and control the appliances as per the instructions of the user. Some sensors are also used to collect information regarding how the application is functioning and communicate the data to the respective sources.

Embedded systems in Industrial Automation – Embedded systems help positively impact automation and are ideally suited for industrial automation applications such as agricultural automation, irrigation, vehicles; GPS-and satellite-guided planting, fertilization, and harvesting. Logistics and warehouse management, construction, mining, and oil/gas energy and smart factories and manufacturing. Embedded systems use AI, machine learning along embedded intelligence to monitor and maintain environmental conditions, access control, and provide self-healing systems.

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Embedded systems in the Automotive Industry.

Embedded systems in the Healthcare Industry.

Embedded systems in the Consumer Electronics Industry

Embedded systems in Industrial Automation