How the Internet of Things Creates Unlimited Possibilities in the Era of Digital Disruption ?

Internet of Things consists of a network of intelligent sensors, devices, and actuators interconnecting each other via the internet. IoT can also be defined as the network of technologies that connects and communicates via the internet to receive and send data in the absence of human-to-computer and between two human interactions. As an emerging and latest technology Internet of things is the new phase of digital transformation, and in the present, which is known as Connected industry or Intelligent Industry wherein the IoT plays a vital role in making our lives comfortable

The Present and Future of the Internet of Things

The Importance of the Internet of Things with Embedded Software is growing aggressively and It is estimated by the year 2030, that there will be more than 50 billion IoT devices connected to the internet. Internet of Things along with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enable in making an innovative technology ecosystem.

IoT is not confined only to next-level industrial tools but also to ordinary household objects. By the year 2025, experts are expecting IoT devices will be around 22 billion. With IoT, we can connect everyday objects that we use in households such as electronics, kitchen appliances, cars by the internet via embedded devices and enhance the communication between things, processes, and people.

With big data, analytics, computing, mobile technologies, and cloud, physical things can help in collecting data. IoT enables the digital systems to monitor, record, and automate the interaction between the connected things accordingly. Embedded Systems with the help of IoT make it possible for the physical world to meet the digital world and enable activity and cooperation. The embedded companies & embedded product design companies in the United States provide top-notch services regarding the Internet of Things with Embedded Software. Many technologies enable IoT, such as connectivity, affordable sensor technology, Conversational Artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics, and cloud computing platform.

Enterprises can capitalize using IoT by

  • Improving the efficiency of the business operations and productivity
  • Creating new revenue streams by innovating new business models
  • Low Human intervention where we can connect seamlessly and easily
  • Achieving Data-Driven Insights which will help to make sound and timely decisions
  • The use of embedded sensors and wearables it helps to improve the workplace safety in high risk working environment such as construction, heavy industries, etc
  • Enhanced Safety and Network Security
  • Better Asset Utilization
  • Building intelligent infrastructures such as Intelligent cities and buildings

Many industries benefit from IoT such as Automotive, Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics, Retail and Healthcare, etc. With Cloud-based IoT applications, Enterprises can include IoT processes in their respective business such as customer service, financial services, human resources, and supply chains to just name a few.

There are different types of IoT platforms such as IaaS backends, Consumer/Enterprise Software extensions, Connectivity / M2M platforms, Hardware-specific software platforms, etc. IoT empowers its users to capitalize on the informed data and the process that can be streamlined. Furthermore, IoT helps to bridge the gap between machine to machine communication as the embedded electronics helps to transfer the different types of data from a single network.,

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