Latest Trends of the Embedded System Industry.

By the year 2027, it is estimated that the global embedded system market is expected to reach USD 127.50 billion. Embedded systems are vital parts of the world right from computers to airplanes. They are used in many critical systems that we also rely on for our daily needs. The market for embedded systems is growing due to the increasing dependence on digital devices at an aggressive pace.

As the embedded systems are highly customizable, they enable greater flexibility for the new applications for many industries. The telecommunication industry has one of the biggest market shares of embedded systems applications as they are tremendously applied in the networks related to wireless communications.  In the year 2019, the segment of microcontrollers also have the largest share of the embedded system market.

Let us understand the latest trends in Embedded systems.

Embedded systems will be of high importance not only for mobile devices and networks but also for real-time applications. The present and future industries that are aggressively growing include aerospace, healthcare, military, and consumer electronics applications, etc. Embedded systems which are highly customizable are driving innovation and with a variety of programming strategies.

Python- Though Python and its rise as a dominant programming language used by the software developers outside the embedded systems industry, in the last two years, it was found that the number of the projects that were programmed in Python in the embedded space has increased double times as per the Aspencore 2019 Embedded Markets Study.

Wireless connections – By 2025 Internet of things is projected to be at US$1 trillion markets as per Grand View Research and this reflects that there will be a tremendous growth of wireless connections and there will be a larger usage of IoT  (Internet of things) globally.

Speed – 5g will enable transformation in embedded systems into different domains. Furthermore, 5G technology will have a greater impact on portable medical devices, the internet of things, telecom service providers, and automotive industries to just name a few. With 5G, the internet, processors, and systems will become superfast. Undoubtedly Quantum computing will play a huge role in increasing computing speed and for this  we have to wait for just a few years.

Artificial intelligence – The new trend in the embedded systems industry is the increase in the usage of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. AI is used almost in any segment such as e-commerce, manufacturing, supply chain, industrial control, and many more. AI takes the data and learns to make better decisions, while IoT and embedded systems which are physical devices help to generate data to achieve functionality.

Cyberattacks and Counterattacks – As cyberattacks are on the rise, enterprises are stepping up their efforts related to cybersecurity. It is projected that by 2025, cybersecurity revenues will reach US$254 billion. Embedded security hardware and software are growing aggressively, and new hard designs mostly have built-in security silicon.

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