Don’t you just hate it when you are stuck with a square one situation for an irritating problem that you needed a solution for like, yesterday?! For struggling embedded systems to start-up like ours, we certainly wouldn’t enjoy being in the dark, with a glitch that we couldn’t break. Deadlines, man-hours, estimates and expenses, quotes and requotes……everything seems so oblivious to this tiny glitch we have at our hands, staring down at us with the rudest of grins……boy, we sure are warriors more than businessmen!! You can see why one single problem could feel like a war for a start­up, formed by solely the vision and desire of some handful of pure engineers, who later on strive hard to realize their vision as once they foresaw, with every door that opens for us.

Tale of an embedded system… from where it all began

It all started when we jumped to design an embedded system for sending an email by pressing a button. We chose ESP01 module, as it was the basic and cheaper version in the ESP series which currently dons up to ESP12.

Even though the faintly small-sized RAM seemed like it would cause trouble, we went along with the idea of a cheaper product. For obvious security reasons, we needed to have an SSL in place which of course comes with a huge library, certifiably big for our choice of the module. And to pour oil into the hot frying pan, none of the SMTP servers would support port 25, which is, interestingly enough, a non­SSL port.

Reluctant to take a U­turn after everything we’ve been through for this product, we decided not to give up on searching for a solution and find some middle ground. So, there we were, going through a ton of keywords and Google results, modified and restated queries, researching away for a glimpse of an idea to redeem ourselves from the problem. That is when we came across the website called ‘smtp2go’, which helps send e-mails without having to install an SSL or the library if we sign up with our mail id and create an account with them. All we have to do is, set up the system to send mails with a combination credential of our e-mail id and the encrypted password the site would provide us!

Then it didn’t take much time to rig up a circuit that sends mails at the press of a button, with GPIOs, a button, an LED, and an Interrupt. What we are left with now, is an enormous cost-effective, small-sized, embedded solution for all of the problems that hindered us from the go, of product design, which has applications that happen to be wide-ranging possibilities in industrial automation, hardware design services, product design engineering, etc., that in the imminent future would lead to a crop of wearable smart systems and hybrid IoTs.

Even though in the complex world of electronics, embedded electronics, and microcontrollers, some major crises would always make us want to pluck our heads out, this particular one made us go back to school, restart with fresh eyes……..and viola!!! there was the solution. And, that was what made this story worth telling……. The ones that will test our nerves, and the amount of satisfaction we get when we tackle them down.

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