The Myriad Benefits of opting offshore development center (ODC) services.

An offshore development center(ODC) includes an integrated, extended, and dedicated offshore team supporting a company that may be located in any part of the world. The global outsourcing market amounts to 245.91 billion in the present year 2021. The offshore development center is all about a global extension of the existing IT team of an enterprise that provides top product/service quality and is more economical.

The ODC model has been used for different types of business processes and services such as project management, testing, migration, creation, and maintenance of software solutions and customer or technical support to name a few.

The limitation of the in-house resources such as development time, cost, availability of specialized skills, infrastructure, etc. are some of the reasons why enterprises choose to have an offshore development center (ODC) in India, as the preferred location.

Let us understand the latest trends in Embedded systems.

  • If the enterprise has a limited budget for its software or product development
  • If the enterprises are looking for any specific developer or any other technical professional
  • When the enterprises want to focus only on their core business functions
  • When quality, flexibility and cost-effectiveness is of utmost importance.

Top benefits of the offshore development team.

Reduce costs in infrastructure – As the offshore provider has set up the infrastructure, you don’t have to spend on IT infrastructure and utilities. All you have to do is to hire the members of the offshore team to speed up your processes and by keeping away from adding everything from scratch.

Access to the Best skills & Technology – Offshore development centers employ highly talented professionals with specialized skills in delivering products or services for your targeted customers. ODC team has multi-discipline skills, exceptional expertise with years of experience and you can access a vast talent pool and the newest technologies with high-quality products, structure strategies, and documentation. ODC focuses on regular training to upgrade the skills of their employees and this will help your enterprise to make an excellent return on investment.

Improved productivity and on-time – Offshore development center (ODC) works on different time zones and almost round the clock which will enable to improve productivity on or before the agreed time. This helps you to market your products and services much faster and gain a competitive edge. ODC always ensures there is timely delivery of the assigned projects.

Effective Risk Management – The plethora of risks can be well avoided by outsourcing, as there is no office space required and other infrastructure things you have to spend.. It gives your complete peace of mind where you can focus on your business scalability.

Speed – As an enterprise, you can save not only the costs that are involved in the hiring process but also time. You can launch products much faster by finalized pricing, strict deadlines, and no excessive supervision. You can completely focus on maintaining the quality as well as the flow of productivity.

The Key Differentiators of Avench setting-up and running ODC’s in India include :

  • Focused on resource(s)
  • Client owns the project
  • Niche skills
  • Min. contract period : 1 month
  • Notice period: 10 days
  • Avench owns the resource(s)

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Offshore Development Center

Top benefits of the offshore development team.

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