Top 5 Benefits of Industrial Internet of Things in Industry 4.0

What is Industrial IoT (IIoT)?

The use of actuators and smart sensors to improve the manufacturing and industrial processes is known as the Industrial Internet of things. IIoT is a vital element of industry 4.0 which is popularly known as the fourth industrial revolution. IIoT explores the use of smart machines and real-time analysis to capitalize on the data that machines have produced. Connected actuators and sensors enable enterprises to detect any problems or inefficiencies to save valuable production time. The technologies related to IIoT make it possible to collect the data for use in artificial intelligence and also in business intelligence. In the process of manufacturing, IIoT has great potential for the development of quality control, efficiency, safety, sustainability, and traceability activities. IIoT immensely contributes to predictable maintenance, improved efficiency in service and maintenance, and also in asset tracking and energy management.

The Industrial Internet of Things is widely and increasingly used in industrial environments such as in automotive plants, electronics, high-tech plants, pharmaceutical plants, industrial factories, food, and beverage supply chains, and oil refineries to name a few. The Industrial Internet of Things has revolutionized and transformed the way industries communicate, operate, and utilize data. With the use of the Industrial Internet of Things, modern industries are operating at lightning speed. Due to global competition and digital disruption, many manufacturers are opting for IIoT services. IDC predicts by the year 2025, there will be 55.7 billion connected devices globally.

Let us understand the Top 5 Benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things

Increase efficiency – This is one of the biggest benefits of IIoT as it provides the opportunity to the manufacturers not only to automate but also to optimize their operational efficiency from time to time. Automated machinery and robotics work accurately and efficiently by boosting productivity and helping manufacturers to streamline their functions accordingly.

Physical machinery can well be connected with the help of sensors that monitor performance constantly. This will help the manufacturers to gain better insights into each machinery where the enterprises can improve productivity accordingly. By incorporating automation tasks, enterprises can make effective data-driven decisions.

Improve safety – Undoubtedly, safety is one of the biggest concerns in the manufacturing units.

IIoT solutions for manufacturing include sensors and software which help in production also contribute to workplace safety. Workers on the production floor are well protected by the integrated safety systems. Workers wear sensors that help to monitor the gestures, activity, heart rates, toxic gases, and any other facts that impact their safety. With cutting-edge IIoT technologies, enterprises are transforming the workplace and in manufacturing, construction, warehousing, etc the injury or strain can be reduced. Furthermore, with the use of augmented reality, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and advanced sensors the overall risk regarding injury can be prevented.

Reduce Errors – By digitizing almost every inch of the production process, Industrial IoT embraces bringing down the errors that are also related to humans. IIoT solutions also help to prevent data and cyber breaches that are caused by humans. AI and machine learning enable programs that will prevent any individual from specifically operating machinery or equipment which will cause any error and may put the manufacturer’s data at risk.

Predictive maintenance – Predictive maintenance helps to determine the condition of the in-service equipment with the purpose to estimate when the maintenance should be performed. The objective of predictive maintenance is in the scheduling of correct maintenance and includes preventing any type of equipment or machinery failures. The use of data analysis and sensors enables enterprises to spot the patterns in equipment performance and condition and can accurately predict when failure of the equipment might occur. This will help to deliver productivity without any unplanned downtime.

Reduce Costs – With fewer errors, maximized efficiency, improved quality control, predictive maintenance, and all IIoT benefits for manufacturing helps to bring down the costs for the manufacturer. IIoT solutions provide data-driven insights into production, operations, marketing sales and enable the business in a prosperous direction.

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