Check the components obsolescence periodically for the defined period of time. Share the reports periodically. Take appropriate measure to solve the components obsolescence proactively focused to client BOM.

Final Report will be shared to the client design team for approval, particular part number can be approved or rejected. Approved: Spread sheet will be maintained with all approved components. Not Approved: In comments details can be mentioned reason for rejection.

Availability – Obsolete/not in stock/discontinued/active, Alternate components, Risk level of components (High, Medium, Low), Health Analysis (Obsolete, EOL, Alternate components and No match)

High Risk (Full risk analysis required for these components. Mitigation strategies should be decided accordingly), Medium Risk (The components contained in this category should be monitored, so that any obsolescence issue can be managed proactively), Low Risk (These are the low-risk items from a obsolescence stand point)

Stock check and Life cycle status at Digikey and Mouser, Components life cycle status report generation, Email notification to stake holder

Gather product details like Product ID, Description, Annual volume, Product roadmap, Authorized vendors and Current manufacturing requirements Bill of Material Design files: Schematics, PCB and Gerber