IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) is a network of “smart devices” connected to form systems that
monitor, collect, exchange and analyze data. It makes use of sensors to enhance industrial processes. AI
(Artificial Intelligence), on the other hand is a tool that focuses on creating algorithms, systems, or
software to eliminate manual intervention. When AI and IIoT come together, the synergy created is truly
extraordinary. Experience the transformative power of Avench’s IIoT service to elevate your business to
new heights. In this blog post, let’s explore the intelligent partnership between AI and IIoT.
The many benefits of integrating Artificial Intelligence with Avench’s groundbreaking IIoT service include
enhanced data analytics for businesses to effectively process and analyze data generated from IIoT. The
algorithms identified by the AI not only save time, but also provide valuable insights that can be used for
optimizing the process. Additionally, with these algorithms, companies can benefit from AI’s forecasting
capabilities. AI algorithms can efficiently predict the condition of the machine. Through constant
monitoring equipment and analyzing performance data, AI can anticipate when a machine needs
maintenance, thereby preventing unexpected downtime.
The integration of IIoT and AI holds great significance in the manufacturing sector. Many companies opt
to combine these two smart technologies to enhance efficiency and ensure smooth operations.
Furthermore, this integration technique aligns well with some of the famous Japanese production
strategies such as Poka Yoke, Kaizen, 5s etc. Many manufacturing companies adopt these Japanese
technologies because they are world-renowned and tried-and-tested methods in the field of
To present a real-world example, in a traditional CNC machine, automation is achieved through
programmed inputs that yield specific outputs, which are typically interpreted by human operators.
However, with the integration of IIoT, the power of AI comes into play. Instead of relying on human
interpretation, AI takes charge of analyzing the output data and making informed decisions to
determine the optimal outcome in a given scenario. This higher level of automation not only improves
accuracy and efficiency but also decreases the requirement for continuous human involvement, paving
the way for a new era of intelligent and independent industrial operations.
In a nutshell, Avench is here to save the day with the transformative power of IIoT service tethered with
artificial intelligence that delivers efficient and precision driven solutions. The phrase demand and
supply now truly has a new meaning with Avench’s efficient solution to propel your business to new

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